Multimedia Gallery

Explore a variety of our posters, audio and video resources produced over the last 50 years.


His Own Kind of Dignity, 

The Mouse’s Tale,

Richest Dog in the World, 1989

Make Poverty History,

His own kind of Dignity

Snippets from the 1975 film-
'His Own Kind of Dignity'.
The Mouse’s Tale

The Mouse's Tale-Animated
story of a cat.
Richest Dog in the World

"The Richest Dog in the
World" as an animated cartoon.
Make Poverty History

Snippets from 'Make Poverty
History' film.
Festival of Global Concern, 2007

Animating Disaster Reduction, 2008

Millay Millay (Butterfly),

Festival of Global Concern

Festival of Global Concern
in 2007
Animating Disaster Preparedness in Fiji

Educating students about
disaster risk reduction
Millay Millay

Millay Millay


Radio Ad,

Nothing to Lose, 1994

Solidarity for survival, 1989

Caritas-the name is Love, 2004

Project Compassion, 2012


Project Compassion 1976 Poster
Project Compassion offers Dignity 

The real gifts are people

Simply not enough Campaign

Give Bread to the Hungry

100 years of CST

Faces from our family Album

PC News Lent 1981

People in Partnership

Remembering East Timor Appeal

Turning faith into action

What we share today, builds all our tomorrows.

Lack of Education is as serious as lack of Food

Project Compassion 1988- Spanish

Peace won't cost the earth

"Do not look the other way.."-Nelson Mandela

"It is not possible.."-Pope John Paul II

What are we waiting for?