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  • CaritasNews Spring 2015

    31 Aug 2015

    This issue focuses on how we can empower communiteis to manage their lands sustainably.

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  • Integral Human Development Framework

    11 Sep 2015

    Integral Human Development (IHD) is the overarching development approach for Caritas Australia's aid and development programs.

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  • Fearless Voices

    24 Nov 2014

    A report on violence and conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Hear from brave women and girls who have survived violence.

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  • Walk As One Report

    22 Aug 2012

    This report attempts to emphasise the experiences of Indigenous communities which Caritas Australia works with.

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  • Caritasnews 2014 Autumn

    10 Mar 2014

    Introducing Project Compassion 2014

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    (PDF 6MB)

  • Caritasnews Winter 50th Jubilee 2014

    12 Jun 2014

    Celebrating 50 years of love and compassion

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  • Caritasnews 2013 Summer

    01 Dec 2013

    In this issue, we focus on health and disability.

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  • Caritasnews 2014 Spring

    15 Sep 2014

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  • Caritas News - 2013 Autumn

    06 Feb 2013

    In this issue of Caritas News, we introduce the stories of Project Compassion 2013.

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  • Caritasnews Autumn 2015

    06 Mar 2015

    Meet the people who feature in Project Compassion 2015.

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    (PDF 2MB)

  • Caritasnews 2014 Summer

    05 Dec 2014

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    (PDF 3MB)

  • CaritasNews Winter 2015

    03 Jun 2015

    This issue focuses on Integral Human Development, which is woven throughout our work and forms the foundation for a strong, flexible and inclusive agency.

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Doney and junior in Malawi
My life has been transformed. I am now more knowledgeable on a number of issues and  have a vision.
- Doney, with Junior, Malawi

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