Join the Community Climate Petition Campaign

Climate change is one of the greatest human rights challenges of our generation. It’s hurting vulnerable communities around the world, entrenching poverty and making hard lives harder. Right now it’s more important than ever that Australia takes strong and urgent action on climate change. That’s why we need your help to create the largest multi-electorate petition in Australia’s history and make it impossible to ignore that people of faith want climate justice.

People's Climate March participants in Sydney

With your help we’ll raise 150 electorate-based climate justice petitions - one in every electorate across the country - and present every federal MP in Australia with the voices of their constituents at a time when the Government is reviewing its climate policies.

Together we’ll call on the Australian Government to take stronger action to reduce our emissions, transition to clean energy and support our most vulnerable neighbours to face a changing climate.

If we act together, now, we will be a powerful force for change.

How do I get involved?

Become a petition organiser
Help gather signatures in your electorate. We’ll provide you with resources, support and training, and connect you with like-minded people in your electorate. There will be optional opportunities to do more.

Download Community Climate Petition Guide to learn more.

Download Community Climate Petition Guide to learn more


Send us an email to register your interest. We will get in touch with you soon to provide you with further information and support.

Get your friends on board and take action together. 

Our goal is .. to become painfully aware, to dare to turn what is happening to our world into our personal suffering and thus to discover what each of us can do about it”
Laudato Si, [para. 19]