Hungry for Justice, Thirsty for Change

Caritas Australia has joined together with Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand and Caritas Tonga to produce the Caritas State of the Environment Report for Oceania 2016.

Hungry for Justice

State of the Environment Report for Oceania 2016

This past year, 2015-16, has highlighted the Pacific’s vulnerability to extreme weather events that affect food and water supplies. The most significant trend in Oceania the last 12 months has been widespread hunger and thirst that is a result of severe weather events, successive emergencies, and ongoing climatic changes. These have had extensive and serious impacts on the well-being of peoples across the Pacific.

The El Niño weather pattern and Cyclone Winston in Fiji have had significant impact in the region, as well as other extreme weather events such as droughts and intense rainfall. These events have had an impact on malnutrition within these countries, which will have long-term impacts on health and education. Rising sea levels, coastal erosion, flooding and groundwater salination are also long-term threats to Pacific peoples.

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There’s never been a more urgent time to stand in solidarity with our Pacific neighbours and others on the front-lines of climate change. Join us and take action for climate justice for the world's most vulnerable communities, and in making changes in our own lives.

Watch a video and hear the firsthand voices of those experiencing changes in their lives due to climate change.

We have many communities that are close to the sea, many communities that are at high tide."
Most Rev. Archbishop Chris Cardone OP Archbishop of Honiara


Hungry for Justice Report

Hungry for Justice Report

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