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Help end poverty and change lives this Lent.

Through your generosity during Project Compassion this year, you are empowering communities with hope and helping those in great need to shape a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

This year’s Project Compassion showcases the many ways we work around the world with our local partners to offer hope to people most vulnerable to extreme poverty and injustice.

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Your Donation In Action

$100 provides First Australians with nutritional food, vital to body health and strengthening community bonds.


$45 can buy school supplies for students in Zimbabwe who dream of a brighter future.


$150 provides the opportunity for children with a disability to attend group learning activities, vital to increasing communication skills.


$325 provides initial training for a rural midwife who can help save the lives of mums and babies in Bangladesh.


$5,000 can install a solar powered water system in a rural school, providing clean water to students.


Will you please provide vital support to help change lives?

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100% Determination: Thandolwayo's story

Life in Thandolwayo's village in north-western Zimbabwe wasn’t easy for the 12 year old. Every morning she’d walk seven kilometres and risk being attacked by crocodiles to collect 5 litres of clean water for her grandparents. Exhausted from carrying the water, she’d then start her day at school.

Sadly, around 72% of Zimbabwe's population is living below the poverty line, including Thandolwayo's family. She dreamed of one day being a nurse but was exhausted from her daily walk to get water. It impacted her ability to learn at school.

But then Caritas did something special. We installed two solar-powered pumps to draw the water up from the river. It changed Thandolwayo's life.

"Life has really changed as a result of the tap because now I can bathe every day,” says Thandolwayo. “We can wash our plates and clothes regularly. I now go to school feeling fresh. The distance to collect water for the family has been drastically reduced. We now drink clean, safe water and diseases are no longer affecting us".

"Having hope makes me work harder so I can be a nurse when I grow up. I want to live a good life in the future"

- Thandolwayo

100% HOPE starts with you

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