Monthly giving

Caritas Neighbours are a group of people who have committed to ending poverty and fighting injustice by giving a small monthly gift.

You can become a Caritas Neighbour today.

When you sign up to be a Neighbour, you are showing that you care about helping people lift themselves out of poverty.

Your donations will help Caritas respond to large scale humanitarian emergencies like the Nepal Earthquake, while also helping communities who are involved in long term programs to bring about poverty alleviation and better futures.

It only takes a moment to sign up and we’ll send you a welcome pack straight away.

When you become a Caritas Neighbour, we commit to using your money in the most efficient, effective and transparent way. We will provide you with regular updates on how your money is being used and receive one consolidated receipt at the end of the financial year.

Giving a monthly gift is easy and you can give at a level that is comfortable for you. Caritas Neighbours know that they are changing lives for the better every day.

Stand in solidarity today with the world’s poorest people. Become a Caritas Neighbour.

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Children from Indonesia

When I go to bed at the end of a busy day, I know I wasn’t just working to make my own living - I know that actually, I’ve helped a lot of people.”
Michelle Fernon, regular supporter of Caritas Australia