Tips for Fundraising with Food

Your Caritas Kitchen can be whatever you want it to be, but here’s a few tips to help you make it a success:

  • Get creative: Choose a theme (cuisine or era), decorate the house/table in this style, and play music to suit the occasion
  • Think broadly: your event doesn’t have to be a dinner. It could be a brunch, lunch, picnic or even a cook-off!
  • Set a fundraising target and let your guests know about it: having a set figure to strive towards helps to motivate people
  • Use social media to share your event page and boost donations: if a guest can’t come, they may still be happy to give to a good cause
  • Hold an office Caritas Kitchen: Not keen on holding an event at home? Why not do a Caritas Kitchen at work? Get the boss on board, invite staff to bring a dish, create a raffle hamper with food goodies inside, and ask the organisation if they will match your donations.
  • Remember to bank your funds with Caritas, and we’ll make sure your contributions go where they’re most needed.


Recipes from around the World

Recipes from around the world

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