Workplace giving

Workplace giving – a simple and cost-effective way of helping the world’s poor out of poverty. Employees save on tax, employers demonstrate corporate social responsibility, and the world’s poor receives more of your donation for life-giving aid and development work.

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Make your money go further. Take part in one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of making a donation to Caritas Australia and help end world poverty.

Donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

What is workplace giving?

Workplace Giving is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of making a donation to Caritas Australia. Your ongoing donation, which is deducted automatically from your pre-tax salary each pay period, allows us to plan long-term projects to help end poverty and injustice in vulnerable communities.

Benefits for employees

With Workplace Giving, your donations are deducted from your pre-tax salary which reduces your taxable income and the amount of tax you pay each year. In addition, donating with your pre-tax salary means it will only cost you $34.25 per month* to donate $50 per month to Caritas Australia. The Australian Taxation Office will cover the balance. As your donation is pre-tax, you also don't need to worry about keeping or presenting receipts at tax time.

* Based on a marginal tax rate of 30% for taxable income between $25,001 and $75,000 and a Medicare Levy of 1.5%

Benefits for employers

Participating in Workplace Giving is a great way for companies to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility by committing their business to the long-term economic and social development of communities and families worldwide. Your commitment shows investors, shareholders, employees and customers alike that you care about contributing to a Just World. Employers can further support their employees' efforts by matching their donations - demonstrating an organisational commitment to staff interests.

Benefits for the world's poor

Joining the Workplace Giving program means more of your donation can deliver life-giving support to the poorest of the world’s poor. Workplace Giving greatly reduces Caritas Australia’s administration costs because only one donation is processed from each employer and it is not necessary to issue receipts to the employees making the donations. This allows more of your money to reach those who need it most.

Giving from your pay… pays dividends

Download and complete the Workplace Giving authorisation form today. If you would like additional information, please phone toll free 1800 024 413