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Help support far-reaching community programs that empower extremely poor communities to create lasting change.

Joy for a whole community

This generous gift will help to fund far-reaching community initiatives, like the Djilpin Arts Aboriginal Corporation’s ‘Development of Cultural Enterprises’ program, supported by Caritas Australia.

This program empowers young men and women in the Northern Territory community of Beswick (Wugularr) through skills building that is inspired by, promotes and strengthens local culture.

Young people like Evangeline can train in business management, hospitality, sales and tourism – and get support in the development of new social enterprises – such as jewellery making, weaving, film, and digital media production.

“This opportunity helped me turn my life into something more positive. It makes me more confident and independent,” says Evangeline, now an arts worker at the Ghunmarn Culture Centre.

Through your support, entire communities can be empowered to create brighter futures for themselves. Please help bring the spirit of joy and new hope to an entire community by buying a Global Gift.


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