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The joy of fresh, clean water will help improve health, sanitation, and hygiene - so communities can flourish.

The joy of fresh, clean water: Agatha’s story

Across the world, Caritas Australia is working to improve access to clean water for vulnerable people like Agatha, a mother-of-two from Namkumba village, Malawi.

For all their lives, Agatha and her family were forced to share drinking water with livestock from shallow wells. The water was unclean, and life-threatening water-borne diseases were common.

Through a Caritas program funded by our supporters, this is now a thing of the past. Agatha and her community can now access safe and fresh drinking water from a new borehole that was drilled close to her village. It’s improved the health of her whole community.

For Agatha, the relief of knowing that her children will be able to drink fresh, safe drinking water is a life changing gift. Please help bring the joy of fresh, clean water to others who live in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

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