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From strength to strength

13 Jan 2016   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

In our development programs, we identify and build on the strengths, abilities and assets that communities possess. This is called asset-based community development (ABCD). Recently ABCD was introduced in our Cambodia office as an important element to be incorporated in the design of programs for communities. … Continue reading

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  • School's back - Annabel's story with Redfern Jarjum College

    27 Jan 2016   |   Blog   |   Education   |   Indigenous peoples

    Transformational stories like Annabel's are not unusual among the students at Redfern Jarjum College. Children access dedicated and personalised education in a safe, supportive environment, attend school regularly, and are building their confidence and skills for a brighter future.

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  • A fair world for children

    22 Jan 2016   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    The cry of young voices led the community in Cochabamba, Bolivia, to develop a program that supports children’s rights. A group of working children lobbied their community to create more opportunities for education and develop an inclusive local culture, supporting children’s rights and overcoming their exploitation in the workplace.

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  • Building our community

    6 Jan 2016   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    Luke recently trained a group of young men and women from one of Bougainville’s most remote and inaccessible communities to make concrete bricks using local materials. “I want to see many more people involved in this program. I want to see that many people know how to use their own, sustainable products … and know how to build so they can help themselves.”

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  • 2015: the Year in Review

    21 Dec 2015   |   Blog

    This year Caritas Australia, with the generous support of its donors, has made a difference to well over two million people. As you read this snapshot of 2015, you can be proud of your ongoing support which has made our work possible.

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  • Rajan – From Participant to Trainer

    21 Dec 2015   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    Remember Rajan from the Facilitating Agricultural Regeneration Measures (FARM) program in India, featured in our Spring 2014 appeal? Since the need for our financial involvement in the program ended in 2014, Rajan has continued to have enormous impact in his community including becoming a trainer in a new organic farming workshop.

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  • Young Global Citizens in Perth

    17 Dec 2015   |   Blog   |   Supporter action

    After learning that not everyone in our world has access to food or fresh water, a passionate class of pre-primary children at Mater Christi Primary WA took their school garden vegetables to market and donated profits to Caritas Australia.

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  • Everything you need to know about the Paris agreement

    14 Dec 2015   |   Blog   |   A Just Climate

    The Paris agreement is a big step forward for global climate action. It says that global warming must stay well below 2C, and ideally be kept to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. It recognises that the world must transition to a low carbon future. Crucially, the promise of Paris will only be realised if governments of the world walk the talk, so we citizens need to hold them to account. To echo Pope Francis’ call in Laudato Si’, civil society must put pressure on governments to develop better policies to protect our climate.

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  • Climate justice: the story so far

    3 Dec 2015   |   Blog   |   Environment   |   Catholic Social Teaching   |   About

    Pope Francis has urged all of us to take action in our personal lives but also to call for strong political and community leadership on climate change. The second half of 2015 saw a number of activities and actions by Caritas Australia on the issue of climate change.

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  • Life with dignity

    2 Dec 2015   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    Lazarus lives with a physical disability, which makes it difficult for him to walk. He can manage short distances; but to travel any significant distance, he relies on his parents to carry him. Access to school is a challenge for Lazarus – his parents take him and pick him up from school on a bicycle.

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  • A community of support for people living with HIV

    30 Nov 2015   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    “I have liked all of the CONTRASIDA and accompanying programs, as they have been a blessing and have made me feel very happy,” says Maria, a 45 year old woman from El Salvador. CONTRASIDA, one of Caritas Australia’s partners in Latin America, runs programs to support people living with HIV and AIDS, and increase awareness in the community about the virus.

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Doney and junior in Malawi
My life has been transformed. I am now more knowledgeable on a number of issues and  have a vision.
- Doney, with Junior, Malawi

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