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Skills and development opportunities in Nepal

15 Jan 2018   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development   |   Indigenous peoples

Your support is changing the lives of women like Sudhari.… Continue reading

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  • The help that healed Rita

    20 Jun 2016   |   Blog   |   Focus   |   Emergency Relief   |   Asia

    When the Nepal earthquake hit in late April, 2015, Rita Majhi’s house in Chandanimandan was destroyed. Almost a year later, hardship struck Rita again.

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  • The water challenge facing Nepal

    8 Jun 2016   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development   |   Emergency Relief

    In April, Caritas Internationalis’ Michelle Hough visited Sindhupalchok, Nepal, a year after the devastating earthquake. Here is her account of the water crisis facing the community in the aftermath of the disaster.

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  • The Good Friday problem in Nepal

    13 May 2016   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief

    In April, Bishop Peter Stasiuk visited Nepal as part of a global Caritas confederation event to mark the one year anniversary of the devastating 2015 Nepal earthquakes. After meeting communities in Nepal affected by the disaster, he reflects on the ‘Good Friday problem’ in our world today.

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  • Reflecting on the Nepal earthquake

    21 Apr 2016   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief

    One year ago, a massive earthquake hit Nepal, leaving almost one third of the country’s population in need of humanitarian assistance. Thiramaya Garti Chetri is 103 years old and lives in Sindhupalchowk, a district 100km from Kathmandu. On the day of the earthquake she was lying down alone in front her house on a mat and her daughter was working in the field.

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  • Recalling the 1934 Earthquake

    1 Oct 2015   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief

    Bal Bahadur Budhathoki is 96 years old and has experienced two of the biggest earthquakes in the history of Nepal. Caritas Nepal staff met him during a visit to Thokarpa, where he animatedly shared his memories of the 1934 earthquake with us.

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  • Rebuilding Nepal brick by brick

    21 Aug 2015   |   Blog   |   Supporter action

    Bricks, bunting, prayers and messages – all in the name of solidarity and support for the people of Nepal.

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  • What I saved from the rubble

    5 Aug 2015   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief

    If your home was destroyed in a devastating earthquake, what item would you go back to the rubble to try to save? Three months on from earthquakes which struck Nepal, we spoke with these nine survivors share with us what they saved from the rubble.

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  • Stories from earthquake survivors in rural Nepal

    8 May 2015   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief

    When the earthquake struck I thought that this would be the end. What we urgently need is a tarpaulin of our own. I tell you: having my own tarpaulin meanwhile appears as some kind of luxury to me.

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  • Caritas looking to expand aid in Nepal

    29 Apr 2015   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief

    It’s now four days since a devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. With the death toll reaching well over 3000, the Prime Minister saying today that the death toll could quickly spike to 10,000, and an estimated 6,700 people injured during the quake, rescue operations are ongoing.

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  • Nepal Earthquake - Struck without any warning

    27 Apr 2015   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief

    The devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal early on Saturday morning has caused widespread destruction, stifling injuries, and loss of life and livelihoods. Caritas Australia staff are currently on the ground working alongside our local partners to coordinate the emergency response for thousands of people in the worst affected communities.

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Janaki in Nepal
Through my heart I felt that I need to be the leader and serve the community. Now I’m confident of myself and I’m sure I can expand my business to a new level.
- Janaki, Nepal

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