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Caritas Australia joins ReThink Orphanages network

09 Feb 2018   |   Blog   |   Poverty   |   Human rights   |   Education   |   Long-term Development

Research has demonstrated the harmful impacts of institutionalised care on children’s wellbeing and development.… Continue reading

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  • Source of mercy in Zimbabwe

    30 May 2016   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    Mercy has come in two guises to the people of Simangani Village in Hwange district, Zimbabwe. Before it came, the people in this area were living in hunger and poverty. Simangani’s people are farmers, and they battle with low rainfall, poor soils and very high temperatures.

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  • A healthy life

    22 Dec 2014   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    Meet Daw Myint Yee. Married with three young children, she is participating in Caritas Australia’s livelihoods project in the Bago Diocese. Caritas Australia works closely with the local Diocesan Caritas, Karuna Yangon Social Services (KMSS Yangon) to implement this program which is assisting people to live healthier, happier lives.

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  • From Timor Leste to Nepal

    15 Oct 2014   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    Earlier this year, Caritas Australia’s Oecusse program coordinator, Cornelio Ase, spent a few days on exchange with our local partners in Nepal. The visit was an opportunity for Cornelio to see Caritas Nepal’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) farming school program and another sustainable livelihoods project: the Talku Cooperative.

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  • Breadfruit in the Garden Island

    12 Sep 2013   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    A recent visit to Caritas Australia’s partner the Tutu Rural Training Centre in Taveuni, Fiji, showcased how simple, cost-effective actions can make a tangible difference in the lives of rural families.

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  • Harvest time in Burkina Faso

    7 Nov 2012   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief

    After what has been a very trying and anxious time for the people of Burkina Faso this year, it is a great pleasure to be with them at harvest time. The rains have been much better than recent years and the country is buzzing with life; the lakes and reservoirs are full with copious water lilies in bloom; the land is lush and verdant, the animals are healthy and lively; the crops, those that haven’t been harvested yet at least, are tall and heavy with grain.

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  • New challenges for the people of Lake Chad

    30 Oct 2012   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief

    Balama was a village once located on the shores of Lake Chad, in the east of the county. Since the 1960s, the lake has been greatly reduced. Nowadays, only during the rainy season does Balama lie on the shores of Lake Chad. These new natural environment factors have had a major impact on the livelihoods of the inhabitants of the region.

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  • Sahel food crisis: how do we prevent the next one?

    17 Jul 2012   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief   |   Africa

    Caritas and Oxfam have joined forces to argue for greater collaboration between aid and development agencies and a greater say for local communities in tackling the challenges of emergencies such as the food crisis in the Sahel region of West Africa.

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  • The women gardeners of Chawir

    13 Jun 2012   |   Blog   |   Long-term Development

    The village of Chawir is located in Canton Migami, south-central Chad. Like almost everywhere in the area, the locals are almost exclusively women and children. Read how the communal gardens are providing nutritious food for the locals. Update from Caritas Switzerland.

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Janaki in Nepal
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- Janaki, Nepal

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