Latin America Emergency Appeal

Caritas Australia works in partnership with local agencies across Latin America to provide emergency relief. Over the years, Caritas Australia has implemented a variety of emergency responses and appeals including the Haiti earthquake in 2010. The Caritas network is currently responding to the Hurricane Irma relief efforts and the earthquakes in Mexico.

Earthquakes in Mexico - Current Situation

A second earthquake struck Central Mexico on Tuesday 19 September.

The earthquake has severely affected the states of Morelos, Tlaxcala, Puebla, Guerrero, Oaxaca, the State of Mexico and Mexico City.

The 7.1 magnitude earthquake has resulted in over 300 deaths, with that number expected to rise with many people missing or trapped under rubble. There has been widespread damage to buildings, roads and bridges.

Caritas Internationalis is in contact with Caritas Mexico. Caritas Mexico, alongside a number of local organisations and groups, is working to asses and assist with the relief effort

This comes just two weeks after an 8.4 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Mexico, on Thursday 7 September.

Over 90 people are reported to have died, with thousands of homes and buildings destroyed or damaged, including schools, and damage to roads. Some of the affected areas include Juchitán, Chiapas and Tabasco.

Caritas Mexico is also on the ground for that disaster, and is providing emergency relief where needed, including support of community kitchens and delivery of vouchers to families.

Donate to our Latin America Emergency Appeal to assist communities in need.  Donations $2 and over are tax deductable.




Hurricane Irma - Current Situation

In early September, Hurricane Irma caused severe damage across is affecting millions of people across the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and parts of America, affecting millions of people. Numerous outlets have reported that an estimated 60 people have died so far.

Impact of Hurricane Irma

Caritas Internationalis is in contact with the local Caritas organisations across the region, including Catholic Relief Services.

The network is coordinating a relief effort, with the initial focus on providing emergency items such as food, shelter, hygiene kits and livelihood support to those most in need.

Previous Emergency Responses

Explore some of the previous emergencies we have responded to in the region using the link below.

2010 Haiti earthquake

Caritas Australia works hard to keep administration costs low and ensure your donation has maximum impact. For more information view our annual reports or contact us on 1800 024 413.

*Donations to the Latin America Emergency Appeal will be used for humanitarian emergency response activities in the Latin America region, including the Caribbean, where communities may be affected by natural disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes or drought, or man-made disasters such as conflict, famine, displaced populations or industrial accidents. Beyond that, funds may be used to help rebuild homes and communities, to re-establish livelihoods, and to help communities prepare for future disasters.

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