Middle East Crisis Appeal

The Middle East has been gripped by a number of crises affecting millions of innocent people in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq and the Palestinian territories. Recent media has drawn attention to the escalating numbers of refugees from Middle Eastern countries seeking asylum in Europe.

Caritas Australia’s Middle East Crisis Appeal* enables us to respond quickly through the international Caritas network and partners to help people who have been forced to flee for their safety, who have lost loved ones, and who will bear the scars of conflict long after it is over.

A displaced Yazidi woman sits outside her tent in Syria

Faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of asylum-seekers fleeing death (as) victims of war and hunger who are hoping to start a new life, the gospel calls on us and asks us to be the neighbour of the smallest and the most abandoned, to give them concrete hope.”
Pope Francis, Angelus blessing in Saint Peter's Square, Rome.

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Please donate to help innocent people affected by the ongoing conflict in the Middle East*. Donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

Caritas network aid to Syria 2014

Pope Francis has spoken out in response to the growing refugee crisis resulting from the continued conflict in Syria and the Middle East.

The United Nations has described the situation as the largest humanitarian crisis in recent years.

A third of the refugees making the harrowing journey to Europe have fled the conflict in Syria, where a staggering 12.2 million people have been forced to leave their homes since the conflict started on 15 March 2011. At least four million of these people have fled the country.

How Caritas is helping

For many years, Caritas Australia has been working in partnership with our local Caritas agencies in the Middle East to help in many of the countries where the Middle East migrants and refugees originate from, including Syria. Our work in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq is prioritising the displaced families, as well as supporting the neighbouring countries that host refugees.

We are working with multiple partners from the Caritas network to identify a coordinated response and deliver emergency aid to best help thousands of families affected by the violence.

Children at the Caritas supported Good Shepherd Sisters Centre in Lebanon.

We have supported emergency relief and recovery activities in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt and Gaza. These responses have included help for displaced families and host communities such as:

  • Food assistance
  • Healthcare, including GP clinics, secondary services (such as surgery) and psychosocial / mental health support 
  • Educational and social services, including protection to vulnerable refugees
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)
  • Shelter
  • Non-food items (such as blankets, clothing, hygiene kits, heaters and bedding materials)

Our sister agencies in the Caritas network across Europe are currently playing a significant role in providing support to tired and traumatised refugees. With the support of the Australian community, Caritas Australia will continue to respond to the affected communities’ needs and partner requests as they emerge.

In Gaza, Caritas Australia is working with our partner agency CRS (Catholic Relief Services / Caritas USA) to increase the resilience of vulnerable, urban households and communities in Gaza to chronic and intermittent shocks, including enhancing women's empowerment. Resilience is being increased through two interventions:
1. The formation of Savings and Internal Lending Community groups that effectively and sustainably provide financial services (credit, savings and micro-insurance) to their members.
2. The training of community development committees to implement community development projects and household level action plans that address risks of defined priority hazards.

The Bedayia project is part of Caritas Australia’s Communities for DRR Program, a multi-region, multi-sectorial DRR initiative funded through the Australian government’s Humanitarian Partnership Agreement (HPA). This niche innovative project operates in Gaza, a small, densely-populated coastal enclave home to 1.8 million Palestinians.

How you can help

We invite you to stand in solidarity with the innocent people in the Middle East who have been forced to flee for their safety, who have lost loved ones, and who will bear the scars of conflict long after it is over.

Donate to the Middle East Crisis Appeal* to help the many families who have fled conflict, those who are internally displaced and vulnerable host communities who are overwhelmed by the increasing numbers of refugees.

By donating to this appeal, you will support a broad range of programs run in partnership through the Caritas Internationalis network and partners, operating in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and the Palestinian territories. This appeal may also respond to other needs in the region should the situation change due to an escalation in conflict or due to natural disasters.

Your generous support will help us respond quickly with our partners on the ground, particularly in situations where there is an escalation in ongoing conflicts resulting in urgent humanitarian need for those who need it most.

Please donate to Caritas Australia's Middle East Crisis Appeal* to provide
immediate relief for those in urgent need. Donate now

  • $15 could provide a blanket for one person in Gaza
  • $50 could buy a life-saving food kit for a conflict affected family in Lebanon
  • $100 could help 20 children affected by the Syria crisis with psychosocial support
  • $170 could provide blankets, a jerry can, bucket and kitchen set for one family in Iraq

Donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

Donate to the Middle East Crisis Appeal* today >

* Following initial emergency responses, all money raised from our emergency appeal will be directed to our ongoing rehabilitation programs to help affected families rebuild their homes, communities and livelihoods. Donations may be used for more disaster preparedness training in this vulnerable region as communities’ ability to immediately identify and respond to all types of disasters is proven to save lives, livelihoods and property. In the event that funds raised through this appeal exceed the programming needs of our partners, your donation will be directed to other priority Caritas Australia emergency response programs.

Caritas Australia ensures that least 92 percent of money raised through an emergency appeal goes directly to the emergency program response.