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These resources will help you to embed social justice across the curriculum and to inspire your students to “be more”, for the sake of the poorest in our world. Please let us know how you use them. To ask our education team about immersion experiences, professional development and student workshops in your state, email

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Caritas supporters at Our Lady of the Rosary Primary, St Mary’s

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The featured resources below can help you embed social justice in the classroom this term.

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  • Prayer and Reflection resource - Our Common Home

    26 Jun 2015

    Pope Francis' Encyclical, Laudato Si': key messages, call to action, and prayer/reflection based on our work.

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    (PDF 7MB)

  • Climate change- primary lesson activities

    04 Aug 2015

    Classroom activities exploring our changing climate and its effect on vulnerable communities.

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    (PDF 635KB)

  • A Prayer for our Earth

    21 Jun 2015


    (PPTX 13MB)

  • Caritas Hearts 4 Climate for schools

    22 Sep 2015

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    (PDF 1MB)

  • Caritas Hearts 4 Climate for communities

    22 Sep 2015

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    (PDF 402KB)

  • Our Common Home Schools Climate Justice Kit 2016

    02 Nov 2015

    The Climate Action Justice Kit for Schools helps secondary students explore Laudato Si’ from the perspective of the people and the communities who ...

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    (PDF 3MB)

  • Prayer Service for the Season of Creation

    26 Aug 2016

    Features PDF and complementary Powerpoint slides.


    (ZIP 7MB)

  • Rising Sea Levels Schools Resource

    13 Oct 2016

    Fact booklet exploring the implications of rising sea levels, coastal erosion and salination across the Pacific. This resource has been created to ...

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    (PDF 1MB)

  • Food and Water Shortage Schools Resource

    09 Feb 2017

    Fact booklet exploring the environmental impacts effecting access to safe and healthy food and water across the Pacific. This resource has been cre...

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    (PDF 1MB)

  • Climate-Related Displacement of People

    28 May 2017

    This presentation explores the rising number of people forced from home by the effects of climate change.


    (PPTX 15MB)

  • The Greenhouse Effect - Primary

    29 Jul 2015

    The Greenhouse Effect explained with simple illustrations.


    (PPT 1MB)

  • Sweet Water Film

    04 Jun 2013

    Sweet Water is a short film which explores the impacts of climate change in Bangladesh.

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    (PDF 1MB)


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Oscar Romero
Aspire not to have more, but to be more.These words of Oscar Romero inspire Caritas Australia’s education team. Archbishop Romero was a Caritas partner in El Salvador who lived Catholic Social Teaching without compromise and paid the ultimate price.