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Project Compassion 2015

Help the world’s poorest people access and develop sustainable food sources for life.

Through Project Compassion, your support will help end poverty, promote justice and uphold the dignity of people in vulnerable communities around the world.

As we all know, food is essential to sustain life, yet many of the world’s poorest people do not have a reliable food source, or enough money to buy food every day. As Pope Francis says:

It is a well-known fact that current levels of production are sufficient, yet millions of people are still suffering and dying of starvation. This is truly scandalous.”

This year’s Project Compassion focuses on ‘Food for life’, throwing a spotlight on global food issues. The six Project Compassion stories highlight how Caritas Australia‘s programs empower vulnerable people to establish sustainable food sources and develop income streams for life.

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Food for Life

One of the stories featured in Project Compassion 2015 is of Eric and Ma from Fiji. Eric and Ma credit the Married Couples Course at the Tutu Rural Training Centre (supporter by Caritas Australia) for giving them the personal and agricultural skills they needed to raise a healthy, happy family and grow food for life. After their training at Tutu, their farm flourishes. Most of the family’s daily food is grown in their own fields and is helping the family to avoid the serious health problems many Fijians experience due to a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables in their diets. ‘Without Tutu we wouldn’t be here where we are now, and it’s only possible thanks to you wonderful people of Australia.” Eric

Read Eric and Ma’s full story or watch a short film about them to learn how Caritas Australia has helped them have food for life

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