Sports for Justice

After hosting the World Cup and with Brazil now preparing to host the 2016 Olympics, you can add your voice to our call for the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), to ensure their events are just and sustainable for the future.

The petition asks FIFA and the IOC to improve their bidding and hosting rules to:

  • Protect the human rights of host city populations;
  • Secure a common good by deepening their commitment to sustainable development;
  • Amplify the voice of local communities, especially the most marginalised; and
  • Secure peoples' dignity by binding hosts to minimise negative impacts on local communities.

Once you have signed, an email will be automatically sent to key people at FIFA and the IOC.

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Actions taken:
It is not easy but it is a fight that we cannot forget about. Many families could be evicted from their homes if we don’t act quickly. Unfortunately, they will have nowhere to go."

Maristely, favela resident,
Sao Paolo, Brazil

Note for primary school students:

We encourage you to get permission from an adult before signing this petition.

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