Dinia's story - the Philippines

Love Your Neighbour

With the help of a program supported by Caritas Australia, Dinia gained the skills to earn a better income for her children and help neighbours in her vulnerable community.

As much as possible I will try to help [my neighbours] so that we are on the same level."

Dinia’s story is a story of healing, through her own skill and perseverance, and through support from a Caritas-Australia funded program. Living in the Philippines, she struggled daily with poverty in a country with many vulnerable communities.

People living in rural and coastal areas have very little access to basic services. They face extreme weather events, environmental degradation and the effects of internal conflict and have little hope of a sustainable income. For Dinia, the untimely death of her husband meant an end to his small income and a greater struggle to feed and educate her children.

She struggled alone, facing a future without hope, until her community encouraged her to participate in the Socio Pastoral Action Center Foundation Inc. (SPACFI) program supported by Caritas Australia.

Dinia from the Philippines

SPACFI’s Integrated Community Development Program helped her develop diverse ways to gain a sustainable livelihood, continue to send her children to school and contribute to her community. The program foregrounds the need to work together for the common good, awakening Dinia’s innate generosity and leadership qualities. She was able to learn about organic farming, managing livestock, and starting a small business.

Now she has an integral role in her community, a sustainable livelihood, and a brighter future for her children. “My life is much better now. It is much easier,” she says.

I have a feeling of contentment, being able to help others." - Dinia