50 year videos

50 years of love and compassion

For 50 years, Caritas Australia has been walking alongside many of the world's most vulnerable communities.

For over half a century, Caritas Australia's volunteers, supporters, partners and staff have walked hand-in-hand with the world's poorest communities, acknowledging that the poor are rich in Jesus' eyes.

In this, our Jubilee year, we are proud to stand with you and with the communities we support to continue a rich tradition of love and compassion that knows no bounds.

Our story is your story and it is our privilege to say, thank you.

Regional snapshot videos

South East Asia
50 year Cambodia video
50 years Africa video
50 year Australian video
East Timor
50 year East Timor video
The Pacific
50 year Pacific video
South Asia
50 year Nepal video
Latin America
50 year Latin America video
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50 year map Map
Faces of Caritas Faces of Caritas
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