Volunteer with us

At Caritas Australia, we value volunteering and in-kind contributions as much as monetary donations.

As a volunteer, you will be part of a team which works together for the freedom and dignity of those who are oppressed through poverty and injustice.

There are two types of volunteering available at Caritas Australia. To register your interest, please click on one of the buttons below:

1. Community Based (Parish + Schools)

The support of volunteers in our parishes and schools is integral to the efforts of Caritas Australia in supporting our international programs and emergency relief work.

Across our Diocesan Network in Australia, we have a number of opportunities you can support us in our initiatives such as, fundraising activities, special events, emergency relief and advocacy campaigns. The roles vary depending on the time of year and according to the need in each state and region. You can choose a campaign that suits your interests and skill set.

Project Compassion is a major campaign for Caritas Australia and is run during the Season of Lent. In 2019, the campaign will commence on Shrove Tuesday 5th March.

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2. In our offices*

If you have skills in administration, graphic design and event planning, we often need volunteers to come into our offices. Our national office is in Sydney and we also have offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra.

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Volunteers must adhere to Caritas Australia’s policies and procedures and be a part of our mandate and vision. (Mandate and Vision)

If you have previously registered to volunteer with Caritas Australia, please click on the following button to login into your profile

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Who can volunteer?

Anyone 18 years or older can register to volunteer. Special consideration may be made for volunteers aged between 16-18 years.

Can I volunteer overseas?

We do not have an overseas volunteering program. Caritas Australia only has opportunities in Australia. If you’re interested in volunteering overseas, please contact Palms Australia on 02 9560 5333.

Do I need to be Catholic to volunteer?

No. We welcome anyone from any religious or non-religious background.

What background checks will I need before I start volunteering?

  • National Criminal History Check
  • Working with Children Check

How frequently can I volunteer?

Depending on the type of work, we offer a range of time commitments. During your application, you have an opportunity to indicate your availability.

Do I need qualifications to volunteer?

No. In general, it’s not necessary depending on the type of volunteer work.