Australian aid: Transforming lives

Australian aid has helped millions of people across the world to break down the barriers that held them in a cycle of poverty. Join Caritas Australia and a movement of people who want the proud tradition of Australian aid to continue.

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Australian aid is life-changing

In one year alone (2014), Australian aid helped get 1.4 million more children into schools, provided safe drinking water for 2.9 million more people, and ensured nearly 900,000 more mothers had access to a skilled birth attendant.[1] We responded to emergencies in 24 countries including Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and flooding in Solomon Islands. Australian aid has supported thousands of communities to fight poverty, build security and stability and ensure that all people live with dignity.

Australian aid is life-changing for Australians as well. We are part of a global family, a shared humanity.  When Australia is a compassionate global citizen, it reflects our sense of fairness, justice and compassion that are at the heart of our collective well-being.

But the Australian aid program is under threat

Since 2014, the government has cut the Australian aid program by a staggering $11.3 billion over four years. These cuts are devastating for people in the world’s most vulnerable communities and take Australian aid to its lowest level in six decades. We are now one of the least equitable contributors amongst the OECD countries.

Are you for Australian aid?

Join Caritas Australia and a growing movement of Australians who see Australian aid as a reflection of our sense of fairness and justice, and who are campaigning for the government to maintain Australia’s commitment to aid.

Caritas Australia is working through our own channels and also in coalition with many like-minded NGOs and individuals as part of the Campaign for Australian Aid.

[1] Data on this page come from Performance of Australian Aid 2013–14, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, February 2015.

Archbishop Oscar Romero
Aspire not to have more, but to be more.These words of Oscar Romero inspire Caritas Australia’s campaigns. Archbishop Romero was a Caritas partner in El Salvador who lived Catholic Social Teaching without compromise and paid the ultimate price.