Our Common Home

Climate change is having an increasingly profound impact on people in vulnerable communities in many countries where we work. They have told us of the challenges they face because of the changing climate, to their livelihoods, health, food security, water supplies, community wellbeing and safety during extreme weather events.

Inspired by Pope Francis’ lead, Our Common Home is a new campaign in our climate justice advocacy, to bring their stories to you and to build support for strong climate action in Australia.

Throughout the campaign, we’ll also support you and other activists in the Caritas community to take action in solidarity with those most impacted by climate change, through personal actions and by demanding appropriate action from our politicians. Stay in touch via our newsletter for current and future actions.

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Sweet Water: A Just Climate feature film

Our previous climate campaign was called A Just Climate. Find out more - watch the campaign video below.

For us, climate change is a life issue, people are trying to cope with it day by day. For the rest of the world it is an economic issue."
Fr Michael McKenzie, Kiribati