Community Climate Petition

 Run your own climate justice petition 

Send a clear message to your elected representatives that your community supports stronger climate action!  Run a climate justice petition to Parliament within your own school, parish or community.  For maximum impact, ask your MP to present it.

It’s actually really easy!  Use this guide to help you run your own petition to the House of Representatives in Federal Parliament. 



People power drives the biggest multi-electorate climate petition in history

In 2017, thousands of people united to create the largest, multi-electorate climate petition in Australia’s history. 

Local volunteers in electorates around the country came together to run over 110 electorate-based ‘Community Climate Petitions’.  Each petition called on our politicians to support stronger action on climate change.  The petition recognised the severe impacts that climate change is already having on the health and wellbeing of all people, particularly our poorest and most vulnerable neighbours.

Volunteers aged 9 to 90 collected thousands of ‘paper and pen’ signatures in churches, schools, farmers markets, workplaces, railway stations and on the streets. They had a huge impact: collectively they raised over 31,000 signatures in 110 petitions. They met with 47 MPs, 17 of whom stood up in Parliament and made supportive speeches.

Clearly, our message for stronger, more urgent action on climate change was impossible to ignore.  This campaign is an excellent example of the power of ‘ordinary’ (extraordinary!) people working together for justice.

We thank everyone who supported this campaign to show our elected representatives that Catholics and other people of faith care deeply about climate justice.

This campaign was coordinated by Caritas Australia and other faith-based groups including Micah Australia.

A photographic tribute of Community Climate Petition volunteers in action!

Community Climate Petition Volunteers in action

Society … must put pressure on governments to develop more rigorous regulations, procedures and controls. Unless citizens control political power – national, regional, municipal – it will not be possible to control damage to the environment. ”
- Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ [para. 179]