Past actions

Caritas Australia supporters have taken action for climate justice on many occasions. Here are just a few examples.

People's Climate March participants in Sydney

Standing in solidarity with our Pacific neighbours

Hungry for Justice Report

In the wake of our new report Hungry for Justice, Thirsty for Change, thousands of people signed letters to their MPs and Senators, urging them to support stronger climate action in solidarity with our Pacific neighbours.

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Australians take Climate Justice action

People's Climate March participants in Sandhurst Diocese

On the eve of the UN’s COP21 climate talks in Paris in December 2015, more than 700,000 people in Australia and worldwide took part in People’s Climate Marches. The marches sent a powerful message for climate justice to world leaders. From Australia and Samoa to Bangladesh and Kenya, people from 175 countries were united in demanding that our world leaders act urgently to reign in the negative impacts of climate change and protect people and the planet from worsening climate impacts. Many of the communities Caritas Australia works with will be most adversely affected by climate change. In Australia in particular, the People's Climate Marches were the beginning of a new chapter in climate justice with a whole new level of collaboration between a broad range of civil society groups. 

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