Take action for climate justice

Join us in calling on our political leaders to take action for climate justice for the world's most vulnerable communities, and in making changes in our own lives to be more environmentally sustainable.

Speak Up For Climate

Speak Up for Climate is an easy way to send a powerful, high-impact video or photo message to your Member of Parliament, calling for stronger climate action. When thousands of us speak up in our unique voices, we’ll be impossible to ignore.

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Climate Justice Action Kit

This Climate Justice Action Kit helps you explore climate justice, Laudato Si’ and stories from our partners on the frontlines of climate change. You’ll find ideas for taking action, including running a climate petition, a Hearts 4 Climate action, letter-writing circles, hosting film events and taking practical actions for sustainability.

Run your own climate justice petition

Help our politicians understand that your community supports stronger climate action. Raise a climate justice petition to Parliament within your own school, parish or community and for maximum impact ask your MP to present it.

It’s actually really easy!  Use this guide to help you run your own petition to the House of Representatives in Federal Parliament.



Hearts 4 Climate

Make your own personal pledge for sustainability and send a clear message to your MP that, out of love and compassion, you are calling for strong climate action.

Send your ‘love letter’ for climate justice

Engaging your MP guide

Your local member is your representative in Parliament and you're entitled to ask him or her to represent your interests. This guide is designed to demystify how you can engage your MP to talk about the issues important to you.

Hearts 4 climate engaging your MP schools guide

Hearts 4 climate engaging your MP communities guide

Media engagement kit

Groups can publicise their activity by using the media. Positive use of the media can raise awareness, increase support and fundraising, and recruit new people.

The kit includes tips for preparing before the event, writing a media release and interacting with media, and following-up after you've made initial contact with the media.

Hearts 4 climate media kit

Actions in our daily lives

Ideas for taking practical action

Here are some ideas for practical actions we can take in our daily lives to be more sustainable, both as individuals and as a communities.

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A true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor."
Pope Francis, Laudato Si'