Actions in our daily lives

Here are some ideas for being more sustainable in our daily lives, whether at home, at school, in the parish or at work.

For an extended list of ideas, see our Climate Justice Action Kit for Schools or our Climate Justice Action Kit for Parishes.

Walk to Work

Walk to work logo

Explore options to use the car less by switching to public transport, carpooling, walking or cycling where feasible. Consider taking part in National Walk to Work Day and National Ride2Work Day or for schools, National Walk Safely to School Day and National Ride2School Day

Reduce, reuse, recycle


Reduce the amount of waste you produce, and Reuse and Recycle. For tips and advice on how to ‘recycle right’, visit or call Planet Ark’s Recycling Hotline on 1300 733 712. Your local council may be another good source of information on recycling.

Take charge of your energy


Switch your power supply to renewable energy: the Green Electricity Guide can help you choose a green energy provider.

And remember to turn off lights and electrical appliances when not in use, and switch to low-energy light bulbs and appliances.

Chew on your food choices

Dinner plate with food

Understand how your food choices can impact the environment and global food producers with Caritas Australia’s Food for All resources. Start a veggie garden!

Go meat-free for one extra day each week

Plant a tree

School student planting a tree sappling

Join local conservation activities such as tree planting and bush regeneration. You might like to take part in National Tree Day. Explore your options for divesting from fossil fuels [PDF] to make sure your money isn’t supporting fossil fuel extraction.