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Caritas Australia is committed to working with Indigenous Peoples across the world. Some of our programs are wholly targeted at Indigenous communities, while others target Indigenous communities specifically within larger integrated community development programs.

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Indigenous Peoples programs case studies:

Kaluram, a Nepalese farmerNepal - Caritas Australia is helping the Bote ethnic group in Nepal learn to read and write, and to learn sustainable crop farming methods through an Integrated Pest Management project. Read more about the program.

Indonesia - Caritas Australia’s Partner – The Justice and Peace Forum of the Indonesian Catholic Bishops Conference (KWI) – has been active in helping the Indigenous Peoples of Papua and Kalimantan to voice and uphold their fundamental rights, and to protect their forests from exploitative land grabbing practises. Read the statement [English translation] from their third annual meeting on the theme - Recovering the rights to life of the Indigenous Peoples of Papua and Kalimantan - held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bangladesh - Caritas Australia supports Indigenous (adivasi) communities in the Dinajpur region of northern Bangladesh to protect their land from ‘land grabbers’ and increase their access to education and employment opportunities.

Kabihug man and babyPhilippines - In the Camarines Norte Province of Philippines, Caritas Australia is working with local partner SPACFI (Caritas Daet) to improve the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of the local Kabihug people. Read more about the program.

Myanmar - With its partner Karuna Kengtung Social Services, Caritas Australia is helping to implement a project aimed at saving the indigenous language of the Akha people.

Bolivia - Indigenous groups involved with Caritas Australia’s Partner CINEP’s Ethno Eco Tourism program include the Yuracaré and Yuqui groups in the Bolivian Amazon. These communities are now creating more sustainable incomes, preserving their traditional culture and defending their natural resources. Read more about the program.

Jennifer Mitchell picking grass for basket weaving.Australia - In the Central Australian desert country, Caritas Australia, through its partner Tjanpi Desert Weavers, is supporting more than 300 weavers from 28 communities to maintain Aboriginal desert weaving culture and create culturally appropriate sustainable employment.
Read more about the program.

India - Caritas Australia is empowering local Indigenous communities including the Santal, Orons, Mundas, Hos and Kharias in Jharkhand, India, to access employment opportunities and protect their rights to land and culture.

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