Share the Journey

Migrants are our brothers and sisters in search of a better life, far away from poverty, hunger, exploitation and the unjust distribution of the planet’s resources which are meant to be equitably shared by all.”

On 27th September 2017 Pope Francis launched Caritas' Share the Journey campaign from St Peter's Square in Rome. Pope Francis is lighting up the path for us, illuminating our journey to creating his ‘culture of encounter,’ a culture of welcome.

In response to Pope Francis’ call to welcome, to protect, to promote and to integrate migrants and refugees, we are asking you to support the global Caritas campaign "Share the Journey".


The Vatican has released a message from Pope Francis in the lead-up to World Day of Migrants and Refugees on Sunday 27th August.

In the statement, Pope Francis reinforces the “great responsibility” of standing in solidarity with migrants and refugees around the world, and calls on us all “to welcome, to protect, to promote and to integrate”.

Every stranger who knocks at our door is an opportunity for an encounter with Jesus Christ, who identifies with the welcomed and rejected strangers of every age… This solidarity must be concretely expressed at every stage of the migratory experience – from departure through journey to arrival and return. Pope Francis

Get Involved

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Reach out

Reach out to hear the experience of refugees and migrants.

Take a photo of yourself or your community making theReach Out gesture and share it on social media with the hashtag #sharejourney

Learn More

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The Refugee Experience

A refugee is a person who flees their
country because of a well-founded fear
or persecution. Caritas Australia works
with refugees in many countries.

Internally Displaced Persons

Internally Displaced Persons

People who have been forced from their
homes, but have not yet had to flee from
their country are called Internally
Displaced Persons.

Climate Migration

Around the world, the effects of climate
change are forcing people from their
homes, including a growing number in
our Pacific Neighbourhood. Watch
Ursula Rakova talk about the relocation
of the people of the Carteret Islands.

Responding in Australia

The Australian Church has a long history of calling for compassion for refugees and migrants. We highly recommend engaging with the following resources and agencies to deepen your learning.


  • You can read the Australian Catholic Bishops’ statement “For those who’ve come across the seas” about Australia’s response to refugees and migrants, and access a series of supportive resources for schools and parishes on the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council website.

  • The Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office (ACMRO) provides terrific background on “What the Catholic Church teaches on Asylum and Migration” and a Migrant & Refugee Kit for Refugee Week 2017.

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