Sileap with her daughter

Sileap with her daughter

Be an angel this Christmas

Every child is holy. Every life is precious

In vulnerable communities across the world, women are fighting poverty to protect their children.

When Sileap gave birth to her daughter, her family was struggling. In her village in western Cambodia, she and her husband were working hard to support their children, tending their rice paddy and raising chickens.

Tragically, floods, droughts and animal diseases laid waste their efforts, and drastically reduced their income. The family was in debt and lacked proper nutrition, sanitation and hygiene.

This Christmas, you can be an angel to a family like Sileap’s.


The light you bring

Thanks to angels like you, Sileap joined the Caritas-supported Sustainable Change with Dignity Program, which empowers the poorest and most vulnerable people to live with dignity, free from hunger and with real hope for their children’s future.

Sileap was able to train in advanced farming and hatchery techniques. Now, she runs a successful hatchery, and earns enough to feed and support her children. She and her husband also earn a good income from their rice and vegetable farm, and have plans to expand.

Before joining the Caritas program, my family’s situation was difficult. Now we have enough food. My children have enough nutrition and proper clothes” – Sileap

This Christmas, you can be an angel and walk with mothers like Sileap.


As a mother watches over her children, who watches over her?

Sileap and her children now have a much brighter future. But sadly, there are so many mothers like Sileap whose families are facing poverty. These mothers need an angel to walk with them, so they can protect their children.

This Christmas, you can be that angel.

Your donation will go towards life-changing programs like the one Sileap joined in rural Cambodia. Your gift will help families just like hers to mitigate the impact of natural disasters, and build sustainable livelihoods for themselves.

Please make a generous donation this Christmas. Because every child in poverty needs an angel to help light their way to a better future.

Please send a generous gift this Christmas. Because every child in poverty needs an angel to help light their way to a better future.


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