The COVID-19 pandemic has spread globally and its impact is amplified for those who are in communities already vulnerable to poverty, malnutrition and without access to adequate health care. According to the World Health Organisation, only 1 in 4 people in low-income countries have handwashing facilities with soap and water at home.

Caritas Australia is already on the ground, working with local partners to quickly assist those at greatest risk. We are perfectly placed to deliver lifesaving hygiene messages, clean water, soap and health supplies to those in immediate need.

Please donate today to help fight the spread of the virus and save lives.


With the donation you make today, we can continue our current work across many positive life-changing programs and expand our capacity to assist vulnerable communities at risk of infection as we all try to contain the spread of this virus.

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We have adjusted our community development programs in the countries where we work to incorporate the promotion of measures that contain the spread of COVID-19.

Below is a snapshot of Caritas Australia’s response to COVID-19 in some of the countries we work in: 

COVID-19 Response

Photo: Caritas Indonesia

In Indonesia, COVID-19 protection and prevention activities include providing facemasks, handwashing soaps and gloves for staff and community members to reduce infection and spread. Large scale disinfection and cleaning of public facilities and community food barns for families experiencing food insecurity.

In Cambodia, we are working with relevant health authorities, including health centres in project areas to disseminate information on the prevention of COVID-19 among local communities. As well as installing prevention banners and posters in villages, health centres and schools, providing hygiene kits to vulnerable families and distributing food kids to those at risk of food insecurity.

In Timor-Leste, we are preparing communities by providing hygiene kits, increasing community knowledge of the risk of infection and raising awareness of preventative measures at village level.

COVID-19 Response

Photo: Caritas India

In India, our Community-Led Governance and Development program works with in-country partners on the ground to support some of the most vulnerable families with food kits, hygiene supplies and educational material on COVID-19 to increase awareness and help prevent infections.

In Zimbabwe, COVID-19 activities in the participating villages include prevention materials, soap and buckets for handwashing purposes, installation of model handwashing facilities at clinics and awareness-raising sessions.

In Myanmar, activities include educational messaging and handwashing soap for vulnerable and marginalised people in orphanages, old-age homes and disability centres, safety materials for refugee camp schools and refugee education department offices; reception areas and community activities in urban refugee communities.

“COVID-19 has created the most difficult humanitarian challenge that I’ve ever experienced. Nobody knows how this is going to develop, but one thing I do know is that if we want to save lives, we need to act urgently and together.” - Kirsty Robertson, Caritas Australia CEO

The Caritas Australia community thrives when it comes together for our global community. In the spirit of Project Compassion, now more than ever, we can Go Further, Together.

Please make a donation today to help communities living in poverty to access the health supplies, running water and soap that will save their lives.


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