Former child soldier Eloddy and his parents have overcome enormous difficulties. Photos: Lulu Mitshabu/Caritas Australia.

Africa Emergency Appeal

A series of severe droughts and conflicts have left millions of people across Africa in urgent need of help. Your donation will provide lifesaving support to communities facing hunger and famine.

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You can provide critical lifesaving aid to families devastated by disaster in Africa.

Internal conflicts and extreme weather events are on the rise across the continent, leaving families extremely dependent on aid and relief. Long-term droughts have left communities struggling to grow enough food to eat. Women and girls are particularly at risk during droughts, as they need to spend more and more time collecting water for the family, taking them away from other important tasks like school or earning a living. 

Families need help building sustainable futures for themselves, especially during COVID-19. Help us to support families across the region with critical water, sanitation, hygiene and training to keep their communities safe. In an emergency, rapid responses are crucial. By donating to our Africa Emergency Appeal, you're helping us respond quickly and efficiently. 

This life-saving work can only happen with your help.

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When emergencies hit, we are on the ground with

Food, water and emergency shelter

Hygiene and sanitation kits

Medication and health services

Trauma support

Project Compassion 2020 in Malawi. Photo credit: Caritas Australia.

We're in a unique position to assist communities before, during and after emergencies. Our network reaches across the continent, and also works within parishes, schools and healthcare centres. But we can only continue this work with the help of generous, kind-hearted people, like you.

With your help, we can be there when crises hit, providing essentials for survival: food, water, sanitation supplies and shelter.

Please give what you can so that children, women and men receive the vital supplies they need to survive.

We are currently supporting relief efforts in

Photo credit: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia.

Zimbabwe Drought Relief

Following a prolonged drought, vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe are facing food shortages. We're providing food to those most at risk, as well as improving the overall health of people in the region by distributing supplies to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Photo credit: Lulu Mitshabu/Caritas Australia.

East Africa Food Crisis

Through our network we're working to assist over half a million people across Kenya, Malawi, South Sudan and Sudan. We are providing food, water, sanitation and other emergency supplies. We also support longer-term development programs for vulnerable communities in these countries.

COVID-19 Prevention

Through our network we are working to assist over half a million people across Kenya, Malawi, South Sudan and Sudan to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are providing food, water, sanitation and other emergency supplies - as well as lifesaving COVID-10 prevention information. 

"We have households that are very vulnerable in the community, and these are the people we really need to take care of. Fine, they may get the water to wash their hands, but getting soap may be a challenge. We… supply soap to these very vulnerable households."

Jephas Tichapondwa

Speaking about the COVID-19 crisis, Caritas Gokwe, Zimbabwe