The aftermath of flooding in Bangladesh. Photo: Caritas Bangladesh

Bangladesh and India floods

You can help communities recover from devastating floods that have affected millions across Bangladesh and India.


Over 7.2 million people affected by the floods

The flooding was some of the worst seen in north-east Bangladesh in decades. Photo: Caritas Bangladesh
Flood-affected families travel home by boat after collecting their relief supplies. Photo: Caritas Bangladesh

More than 480,000 people temporarily displaced in Bangladesh

Torrential rain and flash flooding have affected millions of vulnerable families across India and Bangladesh, with some of the worst floods seen in Bangladesh’s northeast in nearly two decades. 

Many communities in Bangladesh became submerged, with the electricity supply system collapsing in a number of districts. At least 49,885 sanitation facilities and 44,254 water sources were damaged in Bangladesh.

The low-lying Bangladesh faces regular challenges from flooding and cyclones, which are increasing in regularity and severity. It is estimated that about 17 per cent of the people in Bangladesh will need to be relocated in coming years if the impacts of a changing climate continue at the present rate.

India is facing a drinking water crisis as a result of the monsoonal floods, as families can no longer generate the power needed to filter water. Livestock and farmlands have also been impacted.

Our partners Caritas India and Caritas Bangladesh are responding to support flood-affected communities who need immediate assistance. Your generous support can help provide emergency support to help families recover and rebuild from disaster.

The aftermath of flooding in Bangladesh. Photo: Caritas Bangladesh

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