Shirley in the Philippines. Photo credit: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia.

Emergency Response Fund

Acting fast when disaster strikes is critical. When a crisis hits, we work hand-in-hand with local communities and churches to bring aid and relief to people whose lives have been devastated by natural disaster or conflict. 

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In an emergency, rapid responses are crucial. Without urgent assistance, communities hit by natural or man-made disasters become extremely vulnerable.

Having funds on stand-by means we can immediately send support to those facing a crisis. Every year, we respond to emergencies and disasters that affect millions of men, women and children in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Africa. 

We work in partnership with a network of local and international organisations to supply lifesaving food, water, shelter, sanitation, clothing, hygiene kits and cash assistance to families that have lost their homes or livelihoods. This means we're able to work quickly and leverage local networks and relationships to reach as many people as possible.

This life-saving work can only happen with your help. 

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When emergencies hit, we are on the ground with

Food, water and emergency shelter

Hygiene and sanitation kits

Medication and health services

Trauma support

Martina in Timor-Leste. Photo credit: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia.

The disaster doesn't end once the TV crews have left. When lives have been torn apart by disasters, vulnerable communities need support to rebuild their lives.

We're there long after immediate needs are met, supporting affected people and communities to rebuild back stronger. 

Our international network and long-term development programs mean that we can train communities in disaster risk reduction before crises happen, and support people as they begin to rebuild their lives.

Please give what you can, so that we've got the funds at hand to move quickly - and save lives.

Current Crises

Group in South Kivu. Photo credit: Lulu Mitshabu/Caritas Australia.


  • Zimbabwe Drought Relief
  • East Africa Food Crisis
  • COVID-19 Prevention
Cambodian farmer. Photo credit: Nicole Clements/Caritas Australia.


  • Typhoon Goni, flooding and landslides, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia
  • Rohingya Refugee Crisis, Bangladesh
  • Cyclone Amphan, Bangladesh
  • COVID-19 Prevention
Family in Jordan. Photo credit: Caritas Australia.

The Middle East

  • Emergency aid following Beirut explosion (Lebanon)
  • Humanitarian response in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan
  • Refugee rehabilitation in Lebanon and Jordan
  • COVID-19 Prevention
Waisake in Fiji. Photo credit: Caritas Australia.

The Pacific

  • Tropical Cyclone Harold
  • COVID-19 Prevention