Distributing rations to vulnerable communities in India. Photo Credit: Caritas India.

India COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

COVID-19 is causing widespread devastation across India. The most marginalised communities, many already living in poverty, are being hit the hardest.

Your urgent support today will provide immediate assistance to vulnerable communities impacted by this crisis. 


More than 20 million cases recorded

The number of COVID-19 cases is rising at a staggering rate across India.

India is facing a devastating second COVID-19 wave. Photo: Caritas India.
Raising awareness for COVID-19 prevention. Photo Credit: Caritas India

Death toll continues to rise

More than 222,000 COVID-19 related deaths have already been recorded.

India is currently facing a COVID-19 catastrophe, with a staggering jump in the number of deaths and new cases.

Hospital beds are overwhelmed across the country, with oxygen supplies at critically low levels. The steep increase in cases is related to what is believed to be a new 'double mutant' variant of the coronavirus, which transmits faster. India’s healthcare system is now under enormous strain as the number of new cases continues to rise rapidly each day.

Your support is urgently needed today to help vulnerable communities in India get through this COVID-19 crisis.


India COVID-19 Facts

The COVID-19 rate in India has nearly doubled in the past four months – the world’s biggest surge in COVID-19 infections. Experts warn that actual numbers could be five to ten times higher than those reported.


The average number of new cases per day


The average number of COVID-19 related deaths per day

3.4 million

The number of active COVID-19 cases

India needs your help today

Communities practice social distancing near a handpump. Photo: Caritas India

Caritas India, our partner in India, is currently working to set up COVID-19 information and quarantine centres to support people living in marginalised communities during this crisis.

Many of the communities that Caritas India works with are highly vulnerable to COVID-19, and also to food insecurity and poverty in the case of a lockdown. Our partners on the ground are working to provide food, hygiene materials, prevention education as well as psychosocial support to the most vulnerable.

Your generous donation today means our partners in India can respond quickly and efficiently to support vulnerable communities during this crisis.

Where does my donation go?

The funds raised through this appeal will be used to provide immediate and longer-term humanitarian assistance to communities affected by COVID-19 and other crises. If any funds remain after a crisis, or if there are changes in circumstances beyond our control which limit our ability to use the funds, they are kept in the Emergency Response Appeal so that we can respond to ongoing needs and future crises.

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