Monthly giving

Children from Indonesia

Monthly giving is the most powerful way to donate.

When you join our community of regular givers – known as Caritas Neighbours -  your support goes beyond the donations you make. Consistent income streams have a powerful impact on the way we work, enabling us to strengthen our commitment to helping even more women, men and children living in poverty.


Long term solutions

As part of the second largest aid network in the world we are experts in delivering long-term solutions on the ground.  Consistent income streams give us the confidence to build these sustainable programs, which we know are the most effective way to empower people to become agents of their own future.

Planning ahead

When you donate monthly you help us to plan ahead, safe in the knowledge that your support is ongoing. We can be more strategic in how we develop and roll-out projects, as well as ensuring we are best prepared for unforeseeable disasters.

Cost effective

A monthly donation is simple to set-up and reduces the amount of time we spend on administration compared to a series of standalone donations. You will automatically receive one consolidated receipt at the end of the financial year, minimising on paper and postage. 


When I go to bed at the end of a busy day, I know I wasn’t just working to make my own living - I know that actually, I’ve helped a lot of people.”
Michelle Fernon, regular supporter of Caritas Australia