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A baby’s first breath, the softness of their skin, the first time they open their eyes. These moments are precious, and for a mother they bring a new purpose: to protect the child that rests in her arms.

In Bangladesh, where up to 80% of women give birth at home, without a midwife, this safe beginning is not always possible. For many women, the lack of trained support results in tragedy.

By making a donation, you can ensure vulnerable women access the support they need for a safe birth and a healthy child.

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For Lima, a 23-year old mother from Bangladesh, the lack of trained care meant that she lost her first child shortly after she was born with breathing difficulties.

Not surprisingly, after this experience, Lima was terrified about giving birth again.

She described her second birth as a “frightening, painful experience,” due to misguided actions taken by an untrained birth assistant.

Thankfully, for her third child, Lima received support from a local woman – Monika – who had been trained in a Caritas-supported midwifery program.

Monika’s expert care meant that Lima felt supported and confident while bringing her child into the world. Her daughter, Jyoti, was born safe and well.

Because of Monika and Caritas, my daughter and I are both healthy. I am very grateful to them – and to you,” - Lima
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Protect the miracle of motherhood by supporting the safe motherhood initiatives in the world’s most vulnerable communities. Please donate today to help reach more mothers and children.

It is heartening to know that compassionate supporters like you care about your brothers and sisters across the world. As Pope Francis said, “When we place ourselves at the service of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters, we experience the joy of unconditional love”.

Caritas trained midwife conducts a postnatal check up on a new mother An infant from Bangladesh A rural midwife with her birthing kit
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