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Help bring positive peace to women like Nirangini

Nirangini, 31, grew up in Veravil, a small fishing village in Sri Lanka. The country's civil war forced her to move nearly a dozen times. Now that the war has ended, Nirangini has returned to the childhood village she loves so much and, with Caritas Australia's support, is getting back on her feet.

Nirangini remembers her childhood fondly, growing up in a family of nine siblings during peacetime in Veravil.

From 1983 to 2009 a civil war affected Sri Lanka. When the conflict impacted Veravil, the entire community was forced to leave. Nirangini, her 67-year-old mother and her son, who was seven-years-old at the time, were constantly on the move with no permanent home.

During those years, poverty and the trauma of constantly being on the move took a toll. There was little food or water and Nirangini’s son became undernourished.

In December 2009, in the hope that a familiar environment would offer a safe setting for her son, Nirangini and her family moved back to her childhood village. In Veravil, a Caritas Sri Lanka program, Program for Resettlement of War Affected Internally Displaced Peoples, supported by Caritas Australia, was assisting families to resettle. In March 2012, the Caritas program supported Nirangini to build her own permanent home.

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Donations like yours helps Nirangini and family

Nirangini's Home

Nirangini’s New House in Veravil, Sri Lanka.
The remnants of the foundations of her old home can be seen just in front of it.


Nirangini feeding some of her 20 chickens.
She gets about 10-15 eggs per day from them!


Nirangini helping her son with his homework.
They sit by the light of a kerosene lamp, as electricity is not yet available in their village.

We had survived a war and just managed to return to our home with virtually nothing. Now with the support of Caritas my family lives in a proper house. I am so relieved. The state of uncertainty we were living in is now over.

Thanks to a livelihood grant, Nirangini was able to start a home garden and small poultry business. These give her a good income and provide her family with nutritious food.

A permanent home and an income source are also beneficial as it means her son can attend the village school and gain a good education.

The war may be over now, but rehabilitation is a long process. Caritas Australia stands with communities even after times of crisis, helping them to work through trauma and recovering their confidence to build their lives back up again.

Help bring positive peace to resilient women like Nirangini, and their families. Please donate whatever you can.