Workplace giving

Workplace giving – a simple and cost-effective way of helping the world’s poor out of poverty.

Caritas Australia Workplace Giving


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What is workplace giving?

Workplace Giving is an efficient and cost-effective way of making a donation to Caritas Australia. Staff make an ongoing donation, which is deducted automatically from their pre-tax salary each pay period. This allows us to plan long-term projects to help end poverty and injustice in vulnerable communities.

Benefits for employees

  • Reduced taxable income and yearly tax rates
  • Donating from pre-tax salary means it only costs $34.25 to make a $50 donation*
  • No need to collect donation receipts for tax returns, since donations are pre-tax

* Based on a marginal tax rate of 30% for taxable income between $25,001 and $75,000 and a Medicare Levy of 1.5%

Benefits for employers

  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility
  • Show investors, shareholders, employees and customers you care about a just world
  • Matching staff donations shows you are committed to staff interests

Benefits for the world's poor

  • Workplace giving reduces Caritas Australia’s administration costs (only one donation is processed from each employer, and individual donation receipts are not necessary)
  • This means more of your money can go to where it is needed most