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 Gina making chocolate at the FCJ Centre

Gina lives in Bagong Silangan, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. Home to one of the nation’s largest dumpsites, life here is very difficult. But thanks to Caritas Australia's partner, the Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ), Gina is living a dignified life.

The Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ) Learning and Development Centre is a non-profit non-government organisation founded in 2002. Supported by Caritas Australia, FCJ assists more than 6,000 people living near the dumpsites in Bagong Silangan, a relocation site for squatter families seeking a better life.

Here, FCJ is helping to create a community that lives with hope and self-confidence, in an environment that promotes dignity and creates sustained economic wellbeing and resilience.

This organisation is a life-changer for many individuals and communities. Without it, they could easily remain, or fall further into, extreme poverty. The FJC programs are based on the principles of benefiting and empowering the poorest within a framework of Integral Human Development, grounded in Catholic Social Teaching.

- Rhodora Carlos, Health Program, FCJ Learning and Development Centre

Gina's story

As a young person, Gina, 39, was subjected to violence. In 2004, she received care and help from the FCJ and the Caritas Australia network. In particular, from the support workers at the Anti Violence against Women and Children Program, and their subsequent health program.

Thanks to this support, she now lives a peaceful and productive life, and has grown in strength and self-confidence.

My life has changed as a result of the presence of the FCJ Centre. Our life as a family has been uplifted."

Moving on with strength

Once Gina felt strong enough, she learnt English and joined two important programs - the Income Generating Program and the Small Business Support Program. There she learnt to make chocolate and ice candy which now provides her with a sustainable income for herself and her family.

Whenever Gina faces personal difficulties or struggles in her life she can access support through the networks that FCJ have made available to her.

Gina is very thankful for the moral and financial support, as well as the care and accompaniment that is provided by the FCJ Centre to the community.

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