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Poverty bands made by students at St James

This Lent, students from St James the Apostle have been showing their generosity and creativity in raising funds for Project Compassion.

As published bySt James the Apostle Primary School :

During the season of Lent this year, many students have been raising money for Caritas Australia's annual fundraising appeal, Project Compassion. They have been donating their loose change to help Caritas Australia fight poverty worldwide.

A group of Year 6 students showed great initiative, deciding that they wanted to raise even more money for this appeal. Natalie, Andy, Paige, Jessica, Amy and Audrey spent their lunchtimes making and selling Poverty Bands to students at our School.

In the few weeks they had to make and sell the Bands, the girls sold nearly 200 Poverty Bands in the school colours. This amazing effort raised $190.50.

The girls took the opportunity to fundraise after finding out more about Caritas Australia's work in communities in Australia and around the world. "We have been learning about Caritas and that we should be charitable. We saw that these [the bands] were popular [at school], so we thought we could sell them to raise money," Audrey said.

The experience also helped them to understand the plight of others, with Natalie sharing, "I learnt that lot of people can’t afford things, so knowing that the money we raised is going to help people, makes me feel really good."

"I felt quite good doing it because it was for a good reason," said Jessica.

This effort could not have been possible without the support of teachers Maryanne Fenech-Gatt, Georgia Hooper and Erica Paino, who gave up their time and expertise to help our Year 6 students make and sell their Poverty Bands.

"Helping our children understand that there are many people in Australia and around the world who are not as fortunate as they are is an important message for us as a Catholic school," said Christie Maloney, School Community Leader.

In this time of Lent, efforts like this demonstrate the ability of our children to be shining examples of socially just citizens of a fast-paced world, which often overlooks those in need."
Christie Maloney, School Community Leader
Students from St James supporting the Project Compassion activities.

From all at Caritas Australia, we thank the students and staff at St James for your wonderful support of the Project Compassion appeal. Your generosity helps communities in need all around the world.

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  • Maryanne

    “Well done girls.”