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Children from St Francis of the Fields School

On the 6th of December last year, the children of St Francis of the Fields School in Strathfieldsaye had bread and butter for lunch.

But why are we sharing this fact with you?

Staff and students decided to hold a ‘Bread and Butter Day’ to show their solidarity with the people devastated by Typhoon Haiyan, as well as provide practical support.

Instead of writing their lunch orders on their lunch bags, the students wrote their thoughts to the people of the Philippines. And instead of using their money for lunch money, they donated it to the Typhoon Haiyan Appeal to help provide emergency relief supplies, including food, to those affected.

Here are a couple of the messages the students wrote:

Dear People of the Philippines,

My name is Seamus and I am writing this letter to you to say that my school is having a ‘Bread and Butter’ Day. We as a school are trying to understand the hardships you face and hunger is just one of them. We are eating just bread and butter for lunch and sympathising with you.

From Seamus

Dear People from the Philippines,

My name is Maddison and our school is St Francis of the Fields Strathfieldsaye. I come from Australia from Bendigo, Victoria. We are holding a bread and butter day to help you get food and some other little gifts for your family. We have seen on the news of all the tragic events that have happened and we are going to help support you for what has occurred. We have heard it on the news and we have decided to do the bread and butter day to feel what it is like to be in your position.

Our whole school is participating in this for you so you can have a meal or get something to help you. We realized that we needed to do something about it so we just had to get in and help. We will never see a need without doing something about it. All the money we normally put towards lunch orders will all go to you. I can see that this is a time of difficulty that is happening around you. We are only helping a little but we all know that it will make a huge difference towards all of you.

We are so grateful for what we have over here so we just had to help. So some other schools are going to also help out with all that has happened in the last month or so. I hope that all we give will help you and your family.

Maddison from St Francis of the Fields Strathfieldsaye

Students from St Francis of the Fields

Thank you to the staff and students at St Francis of the Fields, and to everyone in the Australian community who has supported the people devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. Through your support, we are able to directly help 93,000 families, and we will continue to help communities rebuild.

Learn more about how your support of Caritas Australia’s Typhoon Haiyan Appeal has helped families in the Philippines »

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