Caritas Manila: going green in emergency response

15 Aug 2012   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief   |   Philippines

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People at evacuation centre

We're proud to hear from our partners, that despite the magnitude of this environmental disaster, Caritas Manila has gone green in their emergency response. 

Caritas Manila is making a ground-breaking effort protecting the environment, as they deliver emergency aid and prepare to rebuild their communities.

Caritas partners on the ground have assisted over 19,000 families who have been affected by the floods in the Philippines. As part of their response, thousands of relief packs containing food, water and a first aid kit have been distributed to affected families.

Outstandingly, in efforts to care for the environment as well, Caritas Manila has made the relief bags out of maong and recycled ‘katcha’ cloth from flour sacks.

Fr Anton Pascual, Executive Director, Caritas Manila explained, “We are trying to avoid plastics, so we made around 10,000 relief bags since January from recycled katcha." He also said, "We are trying to modify it now so that we can help more people because there are thousands of victims... As of yesterday, Caritas Damayan has distributed around 20,000 relief bags and hygiene kits in Metro Manila composed of six dioceses.”

From CBCP Online Radio "Caritas Manila initiates ‘green’ relief" [Manila, 13 August 2012] - to read the full news story see here.

Background to the flooding

From 6 August, intense rainfall led to severe flooding in many areas of the Philippines, including Manila, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Quezon City, Marikina, Taguig, Paranaque, Pasig and Pasay. Schools and offices were closed, and thousands of families were displaced from their homes into makeshift evacuation centres in schools, gymnasiums and churches. Although floodwaters are now subsiding, emergency assistance is still needed for housing repair and for relief to those who are displaced.

Caritas partners are on the ground providing immediate emergency aid to people affected by this flood crisis. To help deliver life-giving support when emergencies strike, please donate to our Emergency Relief Fund.

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