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Shelby baking scones

Shelby selling scones

Shelby is an inspiring 8 year old who wants to make a difference to other children’s lives.

Shelby, a Year 3 student from Queensland, decided she wanted to help communities around the world who live in poverty and injustice. She set herself the goal of raising $250 for Food for Life, our 2015 Project Compassion campaign.

She and her family took to social media to raise awareness and take orders for their homemade Plain & Pumpkin Scones. In one morning, three generations of her family gathered to cook to fill the orders. The morning was a huge success with over 250 scones cooked, and over $375 raised. What a fantastic result!

Shelby took the funds to her school to bank as part of the school’s Project Compassion Lenten campaign.

Her mum Samantha who shared this story with us, said, “We are very proud of Shelby's compassion and understanding of the need to ‘never see a need without doing something about it’.”

Thanks so much Shelby and Samantha for this wonderful example of compassion in action!

Read more about Shelby’s story at: Compassion starts at home [The Chronical, 26 March 2015]

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1 comment:

  • Coco

    “That sounds really great I wish other kids had the same mindset as Shelby! Well Done”