Alice's story

1 Jun 2017   |   Blog   |   Emergency Relief   |   South Sudan   |   Emergencies

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Seventeen year old Alice Juan has a daughter, Janifer Keji, who is nearly two years old. Alice is pregnant with her second child.

"My husband and I are day labourers. We normally work on the land and then get paid in cash or kind (food) but now there is no work for us because of the drought. My mother-in-law is supporting us but she too has a hard time. We only eat when there is food and that’s not every day."

"My daughter, Janifer, was born with neonatal jaundice, I’m still breastfeeding her but I do not have enough milk. Recently, we have been referred to the hospital by the staff of the nearby Caritas clinic. They gave her medicine, Janifer also receives physiotherapy. I wish I could work again so I can take care of Janifer and my other child when he or she is born."

Donate to our Africa Emergency Appeal to support those affected by the East Africa food crisis.

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