Greetings again from Uganda!

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Kasozi Moses from Uganda

On November 10, we popped up a blog called ‘Greetings from Uganda’. The writer of the letter, Kasozi Moses, was so happy about it – he wrote us an update.

Dear Caritas,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters in Uganda!

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Our involvement with the Be More Challenge has already made a difference.

Taking up action for a better community has brought attention to everyone, including the local council and chairman. A Community Council meeting came with great news:

1. Our youth committee has been invited to be represented on the community council. This will give our young people a say on what happens in the community.

2. The council has offered us one acre of land to make a community garden. This is so amazing. God is making known the fruits of our efforts of creating a better place!

An acre of land is very big and we can make a garden to help support families in struggle. Our brothers and sisters affected by HIV/AIDs are on treatment but hunger makes it ineffective. The garden can provide food and income.

We would like to plant a vegetable garden with drought resistant crops as this will bring about a tremendous change.

As you know, 1 December was World AIDS Day with ‘Getting to Zero’ as the theme. Many children and young people are unable to go to school because of their HIV status. Some do not have access to treatment and others that are on treatment are hungry, so the treatment is ineffective. Our team visited families affected with HIV/AIDs and provided food for them.

We were very happy to see the blog, telling our story. Thank you so much for making a difference in us.

Kasozi Moses
Youth Minister, Our Lady of Sorrows, Life Teen Uganda

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  • Chris Topher

    “Wow how great that they wrote from Uganda. Loving the global connections”