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Student taking part in a global reality meal

At the Caritas Australia Justice Matters camp, a three-day event in the Sandhurst Diocese, Victoria, 70 young leaders are gathering to learn about global justice and poverty, and to develop skills and tools to become advocates for change in their local communities.

In one of the workshops, they learnt about ‘Global Reality Meal’ which brings to life the inequalities in our world and challenges them to do something about it.

In this workshop, the participants are split into two or three groups – poor, middle and rich. The poor receive rice and water, the middle receive rice, water and fruit, while the rich splurge on a gourmet meal. As the participants enter the room they are given a ticket that determines which group they are in – poor, middle or rich.

“The simple exercise of a Global Reality Meal can do so much to a group of teenage overindulged youths,” said Tegan Carleton and Elizabeth Chacko from Faithful Companions of Jesus College, Benalla, Victoria. Both participants were placed into the ‘poor’ group.

“We all claimed to be able to withstand a mealtime without food, but was this really true? Seeing our fellow peers, no more important or respectable than us, get so much while we got less filled us with anger and resentment. We couldn't comprehend to think of our entire lives living in constant injustice. 

“The goal should be to ‘End poverty. Promote justice. Uphold dignity’. If we aren't willing to accept this as our responsibility it is not us that will suffer, it will be the innocent.”.

Read more about Global Reality Meals and include it in your next social justice event.

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  • Alex

    “Great stuff guys! Your responses to the meal and insightful comments afterwards in the debrief were fantastic! Good luck with your actions for justice when you return to your schools next week - Alex (campaigns coordinator @ caritas australia)”

  • Emily Kavanagh

    “I have to say it has been an amazing experience. I am hungry for justice and I have learnt from the enthusiasm of all the guest speakers that we have the power to change the world! Keep fighting to make the world a better place for ALL!! :) this is definitely a wake-up call!”

  • Siri Smith

    “I really enjoyed the experience and I have learnt so much about how we can make a difference. Let's do this.”

  • Emily kavanagh

    “I must say it has been a wake up call and an amazing experience. The solidarity acts and awareness raising is going to change the world for the better. I have been inspired by all the guest speakers and have learnt that together and with the right knowledge we can change the world and fight for what is right! :) thank you for inspiring me!”