Nepal Earthquake: Rebuilding three years on

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This year marks the third anniversary of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. On April 25 2015, communities in Nepal experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, followed by severe aftershocks and a second earthquake a fortnight later.

Approximately 8,800 people lost their lives as a result of the earthquake, and 600,000 homes were completely destroyed. Nearly one third of the country’s population, 2.8 million people, were in need of humanitarian assistance.

Thanks to your support, Caritas Australia, through the global Caritas network, was able to respond to the emergency quickly and further assist in recovery and rebuilding.

How has Caritas helped?

Immediately following the earthquake, the Caritas network responded thanks to the generous support of the Australian Catholic community and the Australian Government. The global Caritas network was able to reach over 59,000 households with emergency aid, including temporary shelters, blankets, water and hygiene kits, and non-food items.

In some instances, Caritas staff had to travel by foot to reach mountainous areas, or use helicopters to deliver relief items to remote areas, to ensure the most vulnerable and marginalised communities were reached.

Long-term support

Three years on, Caritas is continuing to work throughout communities to recover from the destruction of the earthquake, to rebuild homes and restore livelihoods.

Shelter reconstruction remains a key focus with Caritas Nepal leading the way in earthquake resistant shelter reconstruction work. Caritas Nepal will be declaring houses in Orang, Bulung, and Kalika, as fully completed in the very near future. As these three villages are nearing full reconstruction of houses, much of the work done by other actors is only just reaching about 20-25% completion. These impressive strides forward could not have been made without your generous support.

You can donate to our Asia Emergency Appeal to help with the long-term development of communities impacted by the earthquake.

Written by Caritas Australia research volunteer, Jaime Parker

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