Pope's climate message spurs new campaign

7 Jul 2015   |   Blog   |   Kiribati   |   Long-term Development

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Listen to Stephanie on
Pacific Beat, ABC (6 mins)

"It’s hard not to see the impacts of climate change being very much a reality of the lives of people on the ground."

Stephanie Lalor, our head of Pacific Programs, recently visited the low-lying Pacific Island nation of Kiribati.

On her return, she talked to ABC Radio's Pacific Beat to give a first-hand account of what life is like on this tiny nation as rising sea levels rise.

"When I met with community members in Kiribati, they told me quite clearly that they’re feeling the effects of the sea levels rising around them, of extreme weather events, things like tropical cyclones becoming more and more intense, of droughts lasting longer, and also access to fresh drinking water becoming scarcer. So it’s clear that climate change is very much affecting Pacific Islanders .”

“2015 is it. It is the year to have some tangible results. Caritas Australia feels that we need to keep pushing for international agreements to curb this trajectory that we’re on.”

Listen to the full interview (6 mins) online at Pacific Beat, ABC Radio, 6 July 2015.

See what we’re doing about climate change and and join us in our campaign Our Common Home.

Young i-Kiribati
Stephanie (centre) with climate change advocates in Kiribati in 2011.

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