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In Nepal, a country prone to the impacts of climate change, sudden variations in temperature can wreak havoc on the wellbeing of rural farming communities.

It’s the Indigenous peoples (Adivasi) of Nepal, who suffer most from these changes.

Sudhari Choudhary, is an Adivasi woman with two young boys. Drought has robbed her family of farming produce, but through innovative agricultural techniques, Caritas Australia is working with Nepalese people like her to secure more sustainable futures.

Pest infestation is a significant challenge to vegetable farmers in Nepal, it can result in a 30% loss in produce and commonly used chemical pesticides often make farmers sick.

That’s where Integrated Pest Management (IPR) methods implemented by Caritas Australia’s local partner, Caritas Nepal have supported local farmers to increase their yield and to reduce their dependence on dangerous chemicals.

“I now know how unaware we were about important methods and practices in farming even though we have been farmers a for long time,” Sudhari says.

“I can now make organic fertilizer from waste materials, select the most suitable vegetable seed varieties for farming, and identify which insects are harmful and which insects are actually useful to control pests”.

Though at first the produce from her farm was not able to provide for the basic needs of her family of five, Sudhari now has more than enough for her survival as well as money to pay for her children’s education.

I now know how unaware we were about important methods and practices in farming ,even though we have been farming for a long time."
Sudhari Choudhary

“I am expanding my vegetable farming to 1000 square meters of additional land and from here alone I will sell NPR 50,000 (AUD $604) worth of vegetables.”

“From these earnings, I am able to send my children to a good school nearby and meet my family’s other basic needs.”

Your support is changing the lives of women like Sudhari.

This story appears in Caritas News Summer 2017/18.

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    “It is great to see more isolated areas getting recognition and help ”